Our Story


Floyd Editions is the creation of photographers Anthony Hill and Lena Modigh , an English boy and a Swedish girl who's lives converged at Liverpool Street Station, London, in the heady late 1990s... the analogue days. 

Lena wasn't convinced by Anthony's beat up Volvo Amazon. Anthony was certain Swedish Liquorice was a form of torture. Lena often told Anthony he had an Island mentality. Anthony blamed the Vikings for everything. Love can be fickle.

However, after a late night discussion in the slug and lettuce on the perils of relocating from London, they decided to relocate from London .... to Stockholm.

They still miss London, or at least 'their London', which was and always will be far better than any other London.... just sayin'

They married in Skagen, Denmark, in 2002. Lars, the priest, insisted on being gifted large amounts of Swedish coffee. They hope they are officially married!

They have since found themselves in many wonderful locations and situations, and experienced the joys of parenthood and the responsibility of cat adoption.

Together they started Floyd Productions and created galleries and magazines.

Along the way they took a lot of pictures.